Heavy Duty Brake Lathes


HD Brake Lathes


Replacing Rotors

Get full life out of brake rotors by resurfacing them throughout their life

Most shops are discarding rotors at half life because of uneven wear or rust 

Process takes 20 minutes per wheel end

Process takes over 3 hours per wheel end 

No heavy lifting required

100’s of pounds lifting of required

No need to replace any parts

Many parts seize together, causing several components needing replacement 

Environmentally Friendly - no parts are being thrown away

Bad for the environment as several parts will be discarded

More profit as you can charge multiple hours per wheel end

Less profit as you charge for how long the job takes

No costs for rotors 

Rotors are $350 USD / $500 CAD minimum 

Case Study

Brake Beaver Can Help You

Helping Fleets Get The Most Out Of Their Disc Brakes

Maintaining disc brakes can be challenging and very expensive for fleet operators, who are responsible for large numbers of vehicles. 

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 Heavy Duty On-The-Vehicle Brake is an innovative machine designed to help fleet operators get the most out of their disc brakes. 

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Increase Profits and Save Time

Systematic Mechanical Services runs and services a large fleet of road cleaning equipment in addition to servicing trucks from other fleets.

The Brake Beaver equipment that SMS has invested in has completely changed their workflow in the shop, has increased profit across the board and has dramatically increased the shop’s productivity.

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Helping Hammond Bus Keep Buses Out Of The Shop

With over 175 vehicles on the road, and 65 years in business, Hammond Bus understands the importance of a well maintained fleet. The company's investment into multiple Brake Beaver units has been an absolute game changer for their repair shops.

Derek Hammond, of Hammond Bus can be quoted saying that “The Brake Beaver has helped us get 2 -3 times more life out of our disc brakes”. He goes on to say that “Brake jobs used to tie a shop bay up for an entire day, and now we have the bus in and out within a couple of hours”.

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Brake Beaver OTL-360

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 is the #1 Heavy Duty on-the-vehicle brake lathe in the world. This machine allows you to refurbish brake discs right on the vehicle in under 20 minutes per wheel end. The OTL-360 will save you thousands of dollars in parts costs and hours of replacement time. Machining rotors will make them last longer as it will allow the pad and rotor to have full contact and 100% seating.

Brake Beaver DL-1000 Heavy Duty Brake Drum Lathe

The Brake Beaver DL-1000 was designed specifically for resurfacing heavy duty brake drums for trucks, trailers, buses and other heavy-duty applications equipped with drum brakes.

Experience how the Brake Beaver can help you save time and money on your brakes. We help keep your fleets on the street and out of the shop.