How Brake Beaver is Helping Fleets Get the Most Out of Their Disc Brakes

How Brake Beaver is Helping Fleets Get the Most Out of Their Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are a vital component of a HD vehicle’s braking system.  They provide superior stopping power and better heat dissipation than traditional drum brakes. However, maintaining disc brakes can be challenging and very expensive, especially for fleet operators who are responsible for maintaining large numbers of vehicles. This is where Brake Beaver comes in.

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 is an innovative machine designed to help fleet operators get the most out of their disc brakes. Here are some ways in which the Brake Beaver OTL-350 Heavy Duty On-The-Vehicle Brake Lathe is helping fleets:


1: Saves Time & Money

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 is a simple and effective solution that saves fleet operators both time and money.  It eliminates the need to replace brake rotors as often and will help make the rotors last longer.  Before the Brake Beaver, there was no effective way the refurbish brake rotors, and many techs would discard the parts because of uneven wear or rust build up.  Now, with the ability to refurbish a brake disc in under 20 minutes, shops can spend less time and money on brake maintenance and more time on other important tasks.


2: Improves Brake Performance

Brake Beaver improves the performance of the disc brakes, as the machine is mounted directly to the hub.  This ensures that if there is any side-to-side movement, or “lateral run-out” that it is taken up during the machining.  It also increases the life of all braking components as the pad surface and rotor surface would both be perfectly flat once the job is complete.  Before the Brake Beaver, many shops would be installing a brand-new brake pad on a rough, uneven Brake Rotor.


3: Enhances Safety

Brake Beaver also enhances safety by improving brake performance.  By increasing the pad and rotor contact, it ensures that the brake components are operating as they should.  This is especially important for fleets that operate in challenging environments or in situations where sudden stops are necessary.


4: Easy to Use

Brake Beaver is a super easy to use machine and is backed by a team of brake lathe experts.  We pride ourselves on our hands-on, on-site training that is included with each machine.


5: Environmentally Friendly

Brake Beaver is an environmentally friendly solution that helps reduce waste.  By preventing brake rotors (and other components) being replaced on every brake job, it eliminates the need for costly replacement parts, which end up in landfills.  This makes it a more sustainable solution for fleets that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, the Brake Beaver OTL-360 is an absolute game changer for fleet operators that want to get the most out of their disc brakes.  It saves time and money, improves braking performance, enhances vehicle safety, is easy to use and is an environmentally friendly solution.  If you are a fleet operator looking to get the most out of your disc brakes, give Brake Beaver a try.

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