The Beavers

Helping Increase Profits & Save Time

The Brake Beaver line allows you to refurbish brake discs and drums quickly and efficiently, saving you thousands of dollars in parts costs and hours of replacement time.

Heavy Duty On-The-Vehicle Brake Lathe

Brake Beaver OTL-360

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 is the #1 Heavy Duty on-the-vehicle brake lathe in the world. This machine allows you to refurbish brake discs right on the vehicle in under 20 minutes per wheel end. The OTL-360 will save you thousands of dollars in parts costs and hours of replacement time. Machining rotors will make them last longer as it will allow the pad and rotor to have full contact and 100% seating.

Heavy Duty Removal Tools

Brake Beaver CC-330 & HH-1100 HD Brake & Hub Removal Tools

The Brake Beaver CC-330 and HH-1100 are the perfect solution for your shop if you are doing heavy duty disc brake replacements. These tools will help you accomplish a one-technician replacement of heavy braking components without any manual lifting. This drastically prevents injuries, fatigue and increases productivity and workflow.

Seized Rotor and Hub Tool

Brake Beaver HS-30T Air Operated Hub Splitter

  • Separates seized rotors and hubs in seconds
  • 30 tones of separating power
  • Designed and built and to work directly on the Brake Beaver HH-1100 or by itself
  • Decreases time in changing braking and hub components
  • Easy to operate
  • Eliminates the need to use physical labour such as sledge hammers or torches

Heavy Duty Stud & Hub Cleaner

Brake Beaver “Stud Sucker"

The Brake Beaver Stud Sucker is a heavy duty stud cleaner designed to clean the lug stud threads and well as the hub mating surface. This tool is designed with internal and external abrasives to tackle the dirtiest of hubs and studs. Using this tool effectively will help with proper mating of the Brake Beaver OTL-360 to the hub while machining, and proper wheel torquing once mounting the wheel assemblies back on to the hub.

Heavy Duty Brake Drum Lathe

Brake Beaver DL-1000 Heavy Duty Brake Drum Lathe

The Brake Beaver DL-1000 was designed specifically for resurfacing heavy duty brake drums for trucks, trailers, buses and other heavy-duty applications equipped with drum brakes.