Hammond Bus Doubles The Life Of Their Disc Brakes

Hammond Bus Doubles The Life Of Their Disc Brakes

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Hammond Bus, a popular transportation company with a fleet of school buses and coach busses serving the northern Ontario region started using the Brake Beaver OTL-360 Heavy Duty On-The-Vehicle brake lathe to combat expensive brake rotor prices, and help make their brake systems last at least twice as long.  With over 175 vehicles on the road, and 65 years in business, Hammond Bus understands the importance of a well maintained fleet. The company's investment into multiple Brake Beaver units has been an absolute game changer for their repair shops.

Derek Hammond, of Hammond Bus can be quoted saying that “The Brake Beaver has helped us get 2 -3 times more life out of our disc brakes”.  He goes on to say that “Brake jobs used to tie a shop bay up for an entire day, and now we have the bus in and out within a couple of hours”.

By implementing the OTL-360 as a common service practice throughout the life of the brake disc, it not only helps the disc last longer, but extends the life of the brake pads because now they are seated 100% against the brake rotor, as opposed to “slapping” on brake pads on an uneven rotor surface which is a common practice in the industry. 

The team at Hammond Bus elected to switch over to a higher quality brake disc so that they could be machined, as they were having too many issues with a lower quality brake disc where the ABS tone ring would rust out on almost every unit.  Even though the rotors are slightly higher in cost, the cost savings of getting 2-3X the life out of a disc far outweigh the price difference.

Many other transportation fleets are following the lead of innovative, forward thinking companies like Hammond Bus and are implementing on-the-vehicle brake rotor resurfacing as a preventative maintenance practice. 


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