SMS Invests in Brake Beaver Equipment to Solve Disc Brake Headaches

SMS Invests in Brake Beaver Equipment to Solve Disc Brake Headaches

"The Brake Beaver has solved our disc brake issues that we were experiencing and has increased our profits dramatically.  I’d recommend any heavy-duty shop or fleet to take a look at the Brake Beaver product lineup."

- Matt Fairbairn, Owner of SMS

“SMS” Systematic Mechanical Services in Midhurst, Ontario offers high quality services for trucks, heavy equipment & automotive. 

Systematic Mechanical Services runs and services a large fleet of road cleaning equipment, all equipped with disc brakes.  Each spring, when getting these trucks back into action they would have to replace thousands of dollars’ worth of discs brakes on each unit because of rust from sitting over the winter and corrosion caused from the salt that the trucks were carrying.  Even the thought of switching all of the units back over to drum braking systems was an option ($30,000 per truck) until they received a free demo with a Brake Beaver OTL-360.  They purchased it on the spot, and has been using it on the daily ever since.  “We’ve solved our issues by resurfacing the rusted rotors with the Brake Beaver,” said Matt Fairbairn, Owner of SMS.  “We have increased profits and generated a new revenue stream as well”.  Matt and his team reckon that they are saving a minimum of $3600.00 per truck, each year.

The other side of his business focuses on servicing trucks from other fleets and he is now able to help other fleets by offering a cheaper price point on brake jobs, and at the same time increasing profits through increased labour being billed.  Matt’s team is able to machine rotors on heavy duty units from Hino’s and International CV Series right up to the Western Star / full sized trucks & trailers.

machining rotors

SMS recently invested in Brake Beaver’s latest equipment, the HH1100 & CC330 which are innovative tools to assist in removing heavy brake components.  This has helped the technicians by eliminating the need to lift hundreds of pounds of braking equipment per brake job.

The Brake Beaver equipment that SMS has invested in has completely changed their workflow in the shop, has increased profit across the board and has dramatically increased the shop's productivity.  Any fleet that has disc brakes, or shop that repairs disc brake systems, needs a Brake Beaver heavy duty lathe.