Frequently Asked Questions
Learn how Brake Beaver can make a difference for your fleet or heavy duty auto shop.
How long does it take to machine a heavy duty rotor?

The average machining time is 20 minutes per disc. The average “set-up” time is 10 minutes, and the machining time is another 10 minutes. Technicians can walk away from the machine while it is automatically cutting the rotor because of the “set it, and forget it” feature, so it is only about 10-12 minutes of technician time. The machine shuts itself off once the rotor is machined.

Can we try the OTL-360 before purchasing it?

Qualified prospects are eligible to receive a free on-site demonstration anywhere in North America.

How much material can you machine off of a rotor?

Most heavy duty rotors are 45mm (1.77”) at new, and 37mm (1.45”) at “discard”, so you typically have 8mm (0.31”) to play with. During a cut with the Brake Beaver, you can determine how much material to take off, depending on how bad the rotor is. Each cut, you can take a minimum cut of 0.1mm (0.0039) per side, and up to 1mm (0.039”) per side. So there is a lot of material to machine.

Who is Brake Beaver best for?

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 is made for ANY heavy duty repair shop that sees disc brakes.

What vehicles can the Brake Beaver be used with?

Any heavy duty vehicles class 4-8 fitted with disc brakes.

Is there training required to operate the Brake Beaver?

Training is recommended to operate the Brake Beaver OTL-360. We include a full on-site training session at no additional cost.

How long will it take to receive my Brake Beaver?

We ensure that the lead time is low and ensure to always maintain proper inventory for our customers. We stock Brake Beavers in Canada and in the USA to decrease lead time and shipping costs for our customers. Most of our customers receive their machine within 2 weeks of placing an order.

What is the warranty policy on the Brake Beaver?

All Brake Beaver products come standard with a 2 year parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects. Extended warranty plans are available.

Why should I switch to the Brake Beaver?

Check out the Brake Beaver Difference page and see for yourself!